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Joy of the Mountains

JOY-OF-THE-MOUNTAINS-OIL-OF-OREGANOJoy of the Mountains brings you a high quality Vitamin A in Organic Oregano Oil wildcrafted in the Mediterranean. Joy of the Mountains means "Oregano"! Oregano is derived from the greek "oras" meaning Mountain, and "ganos" meaning joy, thus Joy of the Mountains.

Oil of Oregano Joy of the Mountains

Oil of Oregano Joy of the Mountains

It has been shown to be effective against a wide variety of bacterias, viruses, fungi, yeast (including Candida) and parasites. A+Oil of Oregano helps:

  • maintain immune function and good health
  • fight off infections
  • make white blood cells
  • protect against free radical damage
  • maintain external tissues and membrans as a physical barrier to infection
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